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  • Aquacell

    About Supplier

    We are leading the way Invites you to the pollustion-free world.

    As we have performed lots of research jobs for various projects by Korean government, public organizations as well as for many of companies in Korea since 2000, we have accumulated the technology including sewage and waste water treatment, gray water treatment, river water purification treatment, VOCs and odor removals, and air pollution treatment.

    In 2004, it was finally established under the name of Aquacell Co., Ltd., and is now leading the way for the future of environment, being committed to create a pollution-free world, with continuous research and development in the sector of air and water using environmentally friendly technology.

    Our company, in addition, will keep continue the ethical and transparent management to be a reliable company as a leader in the environment business based on our technologies and human resources. We and all of Aquacell members will be always open-minded to think from the customer's perspective and be sure to make constant efforts on the basis of technology and credibility. 

    100, Nakdongnam-ro 533beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List


    Aquacell Electro-chemical Deodorizer
    Aquacell Auto-Descaler
    Aquacell Media
    Aquacell Electrolysis Water Treatment System
    Aquacell Scrubber
    Aquacell Dust Collector
    Aquacell RO System