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    About Supplier

    Since its foundation in 1986, Ansung has been dedicated to development agricultural and livestock-farming machinery for the past 3 decades. Ansung has excellent talents and technology team along with cutting-edge automation production line to produce agricultural and livestock-farming machinery that is safe and easy-to-use with less failure, through new product development applying various information analysis that reflect domestic topography and environment and global market condition.

    Ansung entered the global market, for the first time as a small and medium-sized business, through a local corporate in the US in 2003 and established a local production plant in China(Qingdao) in 2004 to secure a larger bridgehead for the business.Also continuous investment effort including being chosen as a promising small and medium-sized business in Gyeonggido and as a venture business; winning MAFRA award and MOTIE award; acquiring E.M mark and KS Q ISO 14001 certificate; being selected as an exporting small and medium-sized business; and cooperation with industries and schools led to re-export of agricultural machinery to the US, Japan, Australia and Europe, which made the company win the 10 million-dollar export award after the million-dollar export award in 2002 for the first time in agro-livestock machine category.

    For the company's contribution to development of agriculture machine industry, Ansung received a prime minister citation in 2010 and won a presidential medal for its contribution to agricultural machine industry development in 2014, as the first agricultural and livestock-farming manufacturer. All these awards were possible because of your support for Ansung. All employees at Ansung will continue to commit to R&D and bring you the best products with its experience of the past 3 decades and for 300 years in the future, for the people in the world and for the national growth.

    15, Hyeopdongdanji-gil Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Agros / Rotary Tiller
    AR4000, AR5000, AR7000
    Liquid Manure Spreader
    ALMS3000, ALMS4000, ALMS5000R
    Mid-Mounted Mower
    Wing Mower
    RLM210, RLM350
    Manure Spreader
    AMS2000, AMS2200, AMS3200, AMS4200, AMS8500
    NUG100S2GC, NUG120S2GC, NUG135S2GC, NUG150LS2GC, NUG150S2GC, NUG180S2GC
    Non-Self Leveling Straight Type Loader
    AML205, NT5000, 2050-QB, 2150-QB
    Non-Self Leveling Curved Type Loader
    B2405, 3505-QB, Max26L, BL25R
    Self Leveling Straight type Loader
    BL00SL, BL25RSL-QB4p, BL45SL-QB
    Self Leveling Curved type Loader(Premium)
    CRX3020, CRX3620, CRX3820, CRX4020
    Tedder & Rake
    ART3200, ART3800
    BH66, BH76, BH86