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For social sustainability, we conduct the Anritsu Way, keeping “measurement” technology as our core competence to continue value creation.

The Anritsu Group was established in 1895, when radio communication experiments were being successfully carried out for the first time in the world, and is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2020. Our long history has been a story of challenges as we have always been pioneers in the information and communications field. Various innovations in communications infrastructure have changed our society dramatically, at the same time as providing the rich sense of “connection” to people that helps advance social progress globally. Regarding “measurement” technology as a core competence, Anritsu has been strongly supporting its progress in the information and communication field, as well as the food and pharmaceutical field.

With smart devices, for example, Anritsu’s measuring instruments check hundreds of items such as “Is it connected correctly across the borders?” or “is there any abnormality in battery consumption?” before shipping. In addition, ready-to-eat boxed lunches such as those sold at convenience stores are checked by Anritsu’s quality inspection systems to ensure that no contaminants are mixed in and to detect whether any food items have been omitted before delivery to the stores.

Currently, the international society has set SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and is accelerating efforts to realize a sustainable society. Anritsu has stated its “Sustainability Policies” based on the company philosophy of “Sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm” and “Original & High Level”. And proceeds its sustainability management with the aim of increasing corporate value by contributing to the solving of global social issues through ethical company activities symbolized by the Anritsu Way.

The Anritsu Group continues to develop a safe and secure infrastructure, and contributes to the creation of industries and promotion of innovation that will lead to the creation of a sustainable society.


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