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    About Supplier

    It is our pleasure to welcome you all visited our web site, Since company establishment in 1999, AM Special Vehicle Co., Ltd has made a steady and quality based progress with the motto "the renovation for the cutomers" and as a result, It has been qualify products in the same field of business.

    Based on the differentiated quality as well as the expertise, we finally realized a successful advancement to the overseas market from 2007 up to now, which had been carefully prepared for a ling time. Nervertheless of such achievement, we do not satisfy about what we zccomplished until today and will do business that aims to the future of the world

    Every emplyees of AM special Vehicle co., Ltd Promise to come closer to customers with the best service providing products with escellent quality as well as differentiated products as a specialized automobile company in cleaning evironment that will vitalize the customer`s business. We will also be your excellent partner who can always be with you. We hope you to find your expected information in our web site and wish the best for your family and business.

    225, Chuam-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea

    Product List

    Roll Pack

    5Ton CNG Dump Type
    5Ton CNG Ejection Type
    3.5Ton Dump Type
    2.5Ton Dump Type
    5Ton Dump Type
    5Ton Ejection Type

    Press Pack

    5Ton Ejection Type
    5Ton CNG Dump Type
    5Ton Dump Type
    Full-size Ejection Type
    Full-size CNG Ejection Type
    5Ton CNG Ejection Type

    Food Waste Collector

    5Ton Ejection Type
    5Ton Dump Type
    5Ton Rotating Type
    5Ton CNG Ejection Type
    5Ton CNG Rotating Type

    Arm Roll Truck

    Full-size CNG

    Other Vehicles

    Garbage Dump Truck