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    "We have a mission of coexistence and coprosperity between human and robots for a prosperous future"
    "Technical leader of high technologic Robotics industry", "Enterprise for future"

    Since founded in 1996, we have dedicated the greatest benefits of all the customers.
    Under motto, managemental innovation & quality innovation & technical innovation, we have tried our best to supply the best products.

    We have supplied our products to such industry fields as Automotive, Machine tool, Electric home appliances, Information technology, etc. Especially, We have a good reputation in Information technology such as semiconductor, HP, LCD, PDP, so we have provided goods to international companies like Samsung, LG, etc.

    High rigid & precision cartesian robot, Desk-top robot, Motion robot, Cleanroom robot, Gentry robot, Scara robot, High speed & precision & rigid Linear robot are for conveyance, inspection, measurement and precise process and they are held in reputation in Asia, Europe, and America.

    Alpha Robotics has a vision to be a leading company based on ceaseless study for innovative technology.
    Alpha Robotics has a mission of coexistence and coprosperity between human and robots for more prosperous future.

    부산광역시 기장군 장안읍 명례산단7로 30

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    AR Series
    AG Series
    AD Series
    BR Series
    BG Series
    DAR Series
    DBR Series
    RS Series
    MR Series
    Synchronous type
    MR Series
    ADR Series

    Clean Robot

    ACR Series
    ACM-Σ Series
    ACM-ΣV Series
    ACT Series
    ACC Series
    CMR Series
    Synchronous type
    CMR Series

    Linear Robot

    ALR Series
    ALS Series
    ALG Series
    ALD Series
    ALX Series
    ASSY Series