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    About Supplier

    We, AJS Co., Ltd have been manufacturing only the pipe fittings, over 40 years as the leader in this industry and keep growing as a global company by continuing technical development and production of new products

    AJS Co., Ltd. is going to jump to the 21 century's leading company. To meet 21st century, we promise to be reborn repeatedly as a world-class comapany in the Pipe System industries to implement the Safety, Speed, customer Satisfaction with the determined commitment and intention to newly establish the company.

    To this end, All staffs of AJS Co., Ltd. create a corporate culture which creative ideas and diversity can be realized.

    We also build the win-win network harmonized with dynamic and stability with the related industries by spreading the relationship with customers, as well as domestic. international companies

    262, Neungseo-ro, Neungseo-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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