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Product Name Desto Cup & Container Forming Machine
Model EAGLE-1800 OW-D/B
Series Machine
Product Description

EAGLE-1800 OW-D / EAGLE-1800 OW-B


This Desto Cup Forming Machine is designed to produce outer sleeve with paperboard wrapping
for all kind of plastic inlet Desto cups for high graphic quality and increased insulation.
The EAGLE-1800 OW-D wraps pre-printed blanks around the plastic cups and containers at speeds up to 200 cups per minute,
and EAGLE-1800 OW-B is available for wrapping not only pre-printed blanks but also paperboard around the bottom at speeds up to 180 cups per minute.
Desto packaging is suitable for a variety of markets including dairy products,
horticultural, ready meals, hot drinks, hot and cold snacks, instant noodle, soup, confectionery, porridge and ‘meas-for one’. 
• Model : EAGLE-1800 OW-D/ EAGLE-1800 OW-B 
• Production Speed
  EAGLE-1800 OW-D : Max. 200 cups per min.
  EAGLE-1800 OW-B : Max. 180 cups per min. 
• Cup Size Range: 4oz ~36oz 
• Sealing Method: Hot melt or Cold glue or Both 
• Materials: Non coated duplex board or others 
• Paper Weight : 170gsm ~ 350gsm 
• Electric Power: 220V, 50/60Hz, 3P, 4W 
• Electric Consumption: 15Kw 
• Air Requirement: 1.2m3/min. at 5kg/cm2 
• Weight: 6,000kgs 

• Dairy products 
• Horticultural 
• Ready meals 
• Hot drinks 
• Hot and cold snacks 
• Instant noodle 
• Soup 
• Confectionery 
• Porridge 
• 'Meals-for one' 
ACE PACK Desto Cup & Container Forming Machine EAGLE-1800 OW-D/B

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