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    About Supplier

    ACE PACK is a leading manufacturer of paper cup machinery and related machinery in Korea. ACE PACK machinery can be found in countries all over the world with active performance in Asia, Europe, South and Central America. ACE PACK takes pride in offering our customers in the global market quality equipment.

    ACE PACK has been engaged in quality cup production and paper cup machinery for 20 years. Based on our experience, ACE PACK is manufacturing and exporting converting machinery for the production of paper cups for beverages and ice-cream, paper buckets for fried chicken and popcorn, outer sleeves for instant noodles and hot coffee, calippo-style tubes, ice-cream cone sleeves and also printing and punching machines, and contamination inspection machinery for the interior of paper cups.

    Especially, latest high speed paper cup forming machine EAGLE-1800 and high speed outer sleeve forming machine EAGLE-1800OW for double wall paper and plastic cup are widely welcomed from our new customers as well as existing customers for its stability and improved speed.

    ACE PACK is dedicated to meeting customer needs by providing quality equipment and services in timely manner at a price that represents true value. Also, ACE PACK Technical Services include engineering support, field service, telephone support, installation and start-up assistance, operator and maintenance training, machine conversions and spare parts.

    ACE PACK's trained field technicians and in-house customer service representative are always available to problem solve and quickly respond to customer question, needs and requirements. 

    35, Gongdan 1-daero 259beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Desto Cup & Container Forming Machine
    EAGLE-1800 OW-D/B
    Paper Lid Machine
    Paper Cup Forming Machine
    EAGLE 1800
    Plastic Cup & Container Forming Machine
    Paper Cup Inspection Machine
    Cone Sleeve Machine
    Cup Handle Machine
    Convolute Machine
    Paper Sleeve Machine
    EAGLE 1800OW
    Bucket Cup Machine
    EAGLE 700E
    Punching Machine

    Cups and Containers

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