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    About Supplier

    Since 3Z's establishment in 1978, our company has been committed to manufacturing high quality Plug valves. 30 years on, we are proud to report that our ongoing success, along with ever increasing customer satisfaction, has positioned 3Z as a global leader in the international Plug valve market, exporting to over 50 countries worldwide.

    Our commitment to Quality Management throughout the manufacturing process enables 3Z to pride ourselves in providing first class products for a global customer network. 3Z employees embrace thoroughly 3Z's quality culture, one which is instilled within the organization, and are fully committed to providing "fault free" products each time, every time.

    The automation infrastructure of 3Z's manufacturing facilities has recently been expanded. With the recent success of the "Full Stellite Overlay". which was included for a high profile project in Kuwait, proof that our technology is being widely recognized in the global market, openly exists.

    3Z's passion for manufacturing valves of the utmost quality, together with our commitment to continuously advancing valve manufacturing technology in order to meet customer requirements worldwide, is why 3Z has become the logical choice for Plug valves.

    We look forward to partnering you via our global distribution network the distribution of top quality Plug valve requirements for a global customer base.

    254, Sihwa venture-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Sleeved Plug Valve
    Metal Seated Plug Valve
    Rising Stem Ball Valve
    Eccentric Plug Valve
    Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve
    Lined Plug Valve
    Lubricated Plug Valve