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    Designer and manufacturer of special assembly machines

    The neyret group is a leading designer and manufacturer of automatic assembly, control and printing machines, producing equipment for all kinds of industrial clients.

    With more than thirty years’ experience, skill and innovation in specialist machine design and manufacture, the group has earned worldwide acclaim for our expertise and our services.

    neyret group is an expert in complex, automated assembly processes.  From start to finish, we design and manufacture a range of highly diverse machines; from semi-automatic pilot machines and high-speed industrial machines to cam-driven, indexed or continuous motion systems, our group guarantees precision, reliability and efficiency.

    Our Group is growing and surging ahead, with 200 employees in two production sites. Société Guy Neyret produces indexed machines in Chaponost, near Lyon, and LAGNIEL produces continuous motion machines in Douvres-la-Délivrande in Normandy, near Caen.

    Working together, these two arms of the group design and develop fully customised “turnkey” assembly solutions for clients around the world, and for many different areas of application.


    36 Rue Jean Perrin, 14440 Douvres-la-Délivrande, France

    Product List


    Indexed Motion Machine
    Continuous Motion Machine
    Flexible Machines
    Pilot Machines
    Semi Automatic Machines
    Peripheral Systems