Daejin Blower Demonstrates Optimized Design and Best Metallic Mold Technology as Korea`s best blower maker.

    Daejin Blower is a producer of blowers and ventilation units

    Since the company took its first step in 1999 as a blower manufacturer, the company has worked hard through numerous adversities, holding on to its commitment to becoming the best-skilled producer that takes excellent products as its competitive edge.

    The strategy for diversification of customer base and ethical management that has been successfully pushed for over last several years has built Daejin Blower into a stronger company, and its continued efforts for developing high-quality technology have created a company with the country`s best technology.

    Daejin Blower as a world-recognized fan makers is not too far away.

    Your continued attention and encouragement make Daejin`s future.

    616-43, Aegibong-ro Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    휀 (Fan)

    Outer Rotor Fan
    Backward Fan
    DOBS-190, DOBS-225, DOBS-250, DOBS-280
    Cross-Blow Fan
    DICS-6001, DICS-6002, DICS-6003, DICS-6004, DICS-6041, DICS-9502, DICS-9503, DICS-9504
    Mold TR Cooling Fan
    DCF-150-350, DCF-150-350C, DCF-150-350D
    Single Direct Drive Fan
    DISS-85, DISS-105, DISS-118, DISS-150, DISS-200
    Double Inlet Direct Drive Fan
    DISD-550, DISD-770, DISD-0704


    Single Suction Sirocco Type
    DSSM-072-000, DSSM-088000, DSSM-105000, DSSM-118000, DSSM-125000, DSSM-140000, DSSM-148000, DSSM-178000, DSSM-200-000
    Double Suction Sirocco Type
    DDSM-088-00 (W), DSSM-1400-00 (W), DSSM-148-00 (W), DSSM-178-00 (W), DSSM-08-00 (W), DSSM-09-00 (W), DSSM-10-00 (W), DDSP-084-00 (W), DDSP-133-00 (W), DDSP-146-00 (W), DDSP-160-00 (W), DDSP-10-00 (W), DDSP-11-00 (W), DDSP-12-00 (W), DDSP-13-00 (W), DDSP-15-00 (W), DDSP-16-00 (W)
    Turbo-Blow Type
    DTS-120-000, DTS-130-000, DTS-140-000, DTS-150-000, DTS-160-000, DTS-170-000, DTS-180-000, DTS-227-000, DTS-275-000, DTS-300-000, DTS-390-000, DTS-432-000
    Cross-Blow Type
    DC-040-000, DC-042-300-000, DC-060-000, DC-088-000, DC-095-000, DC-100-000, DC-150-000
    Axial-Flow (Propeller) Type
    DX-150-000, DX-204-000, DX-210-000, DX-220-000, DX-230-000, DX-240-000, DX-250-000, DX-450-000
    Plate Type
    DP-060-000, DP-073-000, DP-082-000, DP-096-000, DP-180-000, DP-215-000


    Energy Recovery Ventilator
    DERV-150S, DERV-200S, DERV-250S, DERV-350S, DERV-500, DERV-800, DERV-1000
    Parking Garage Fan (Hanger Fan)
    Parking Garage Fan (Single Fan)
    TIV-200D, TIV-250D