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    기업 정보

    Decades of research into laser applications has been undertaken by many of our team between 1980 and 2000, led by Dr. Michael Harris, our Director of Science. This, combined with the emergence of the commercial telecomms industry resulted in the opportunity for a low-cost Lidar product to remotely sense wind characteristics via measurement of the Doppler shift of light emitted by the Lidar and scattered back from particles in the atmosphere such as dust, moisture and pollen.

    Following initial development by the team, Zephir Ltd. was founded in 2007 and our sole shareholder is the UK-based company Fred. Olsen Ltd, founded in 1963 with global outreach. Fred. Olsen-related companies operate across a diverse set of industries, but a backbone of renewable energy industry organisations including consultants, wind farm development, installation vessels and operation & maintenance teams has helped inform and advise our own Lidar organisation.

    Rapid growth in the wind industry combined with our innovative Continuous Wave Lidar technology triggered a chain of products and partnerships as outlined in this Product Guide.Our vision statement from the outset has been simply: a wind Lidar on every commercial wind project and integrated into every large wind turbine – a Big Hairy Audacious Goal that we all believe in, from the first employee of Zephir Ltd., Ian Locker – our Managing Director – through to each and every member of the ZX Lidars Family.

    After our first successful decade we started out on a new adventure – to re-invest Zephir Ltd.’s (Z) 10+ years (X) of experience to completely re-imagine our Lidar system and make a Lidar ‘platform’. A platform that can be tailored to so very many applications and customer needs. All based on the core, proven and accepted Lidar technology that has featured since Day 1.

    And so ZX Lidars was born and today represents what we do, and how we do it.

    The Old Barns, Fairoaks Farm, Hollybush, Ledbury, HR8 1EU

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