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Affordable and Seamless Support for Ethernet WAN and Wireless Mobile Backhaul 

The HFR HA-810 Carrier Grade Ethernet Access Device is a cost effective, multiservice, carrier-grade device designed to deliver both Ethernet and TDM-based connectivity in support of enterprise business and wireless mobile backhaul service applications. 

Major Functions


Key Features

Service Level Provisioning, Monitoring and Management 

With HFR’s HA-810 Carrier Grade Ethernet Access Device, it is available for users to provide a full solutions management view from the individual node to an end-to-end network and service centric view with graphical user, command line and SNMP in band and out of band interface options.
In addition, deep service level fault and performance management is supported with standards-based Y.1731, loopback based on Layer 2 filters and 802.3ah EFM for providers to ensure continued network uptime, low latency, high performance, and service level agreements are met.  

- Compact, low power and temperature resilient unit, ready for tower or CPE deployment, delivers high performance and reduces operational costs
- Flexible modular architecture provides Ethernet scale from 10Mbps to 12 Gbps or TDM scale from 1 T1/E1 to 16 T1/E1 or a seamless combination
- Multiservice TDM and Ethernet support provides affordable and seamless path to high capacity business Ethernet and wireless mobile backhaul services
- Carrier grade platform with hot swappable power (x2) and fans, low latency, and highly reliable service delivery with 50ms ring protection; G.8031, G.8032v2 and SONET/SDH based APS
- Standards-based and interoperable with MEF Carrier Ethernet 1.0 and 2.0 and SONET/SDH network and timing; 1588v2, SyncE
- Deep fault and performance management with Y.1731, loopback and 802.3ah EFM with customer SLA Portal access 


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