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제품 상세 설명

Product Introduction

VIDER-DC, an intelligent power meter, is designed with an up-to-date microprocessor and an advanced digital signal processing technology. It is a multifunctional digital meter equipped with a rectifier-based DC voltage/current analogue meter function to measure the DC voltage, charging current and discharging current. In addition, it provides the maximum/minimum values of voltage/current, and it is mounted on the front part of the rectifier panel, receiving CT and PT of the panel to measure and display all the electrical factors. It can analyze the harmonics and its case is nonflammable with 144x144mm in size. It displays all the electrical parameters measured, and supports RS-485, 422 for the communication with computers and MODBUS protocol that is widely used at industrial sites.


Product Features

1) Measured parameters of the power line can be monitored by five 7-Segments display windows, and CT ratio, PT ratio and Shunt ratio can be set using the front panel. 

2) It is displayed with the DC voltage, DC current, phase voltage, average phase voltage, phase-phase voltage, average phase-phase voltage, phase current, average phase voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active electric energy, reactive electric energy, apparent electric energy, frequency, power factor, peak power and harmonics. 

3) The load factor of the power line being used is numerically displayed to intuitively check the load status. 

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