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제품 상세 설명

Product Introduction

VITZROTECH Motor Control Center is a system that protects and controls low-voltage motors used at industrial facilities as well as general factories. It monitors and controls variable low-voltage panels such as starting panel, load panel and auxiliaries of motor. It is designed and manufactured considering the safety of users, convenience of equipment operations, high-interruption, high-reliability and high-efficiency, conforming strictly to the industrial standards.


Product Features

1) It is improved its reliability through a convenient and safe structure.
  - It is a firm structure and plated steel sheet is applied inside.
  - It is easy to enter/exit and it minimized the access to the charging part.
  - It is effectively cooled and there is enough space due to a sufficient wiring space.
  - It adopted a load connecting terminal cover.
  - Applied Standard: IEC60439, NEMA ICS 232, JEM1195.

2) It is easy to operate for it is in a convenient and safe structure.
  - It is designed and manufactured considering the user’s safety and simple operations.
  - It is equipped with a locking device so that the door is opened after a power tripping to prevent contact failures when the power is applied.

3) It is easy to operate due to a high-performing, convenient and safe structure.
  - It minimized the space using a drawer-type unit and it is easy to perform inspections and maintenance at front and rear parts.
  - Draw-out of control power and neutral line is possible and it harmonizes with the surrounding thanks to the nice external structure of product.


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