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    기업 정보

    Univac Ltd. was founded in1987 as Union Vacuum Technology, and since then developed into the specialized vacuum equipment manufacturer.

    The continuous and arduous endeavors under the motto "Pursuit of the Best Quality" has brought about the customers' appreciation of the excellency of the quality and enabled us to settle down the best vacuum applied equipment manufacturer.

    In order to efficiently meet with the potentially increasing trend of work orders from the 21st century world markets, Univac Ltd. are prepared with the massive production through the enlarged and augmented production facilities.

    All the members of Univac Limited will strive to do our best for the supply of products which satisfy the customers demanding requirements and needs.

    경남 김해시 주촌면 소망길 13-23 (망덕리)

    생산 제품

    IBAD System

    IBAD Model

    Sputtering System

    Arc Sputtering

    Sub System

    Cryocooler Pump
    Ion Source
    System Controller
    Electron Beam Source
    MFC & MFC Readout
    Pumping System