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    기업 정보

    TELDA is a renewable energy company manufacturing solar PV and wind power inverter and converter, engineering systems for renewable power generation, and offering solutions for energy efficiency.

    TELDA Electronics, the company established in 1985 and based on Korea, is one of the leading manufacturers who produce industry process controller in Asia. Our company has offered a wide range of industry process controller related products and services on the basis of self-developed technology.

    Researched and developed from the early stage of the company, the technology of process controller, such as Lonworks based controller and fieldbus network technology, has been the primary specialty of Telda Electronics. Telda has provided mechanical engineering as well as manufacturing of OEM controllers for industry machines such as injection molding machine, using stable and accurate integrated system.

    Since 2000, not only has the necessity of new renewable energy development increased but also the market of new regeneration energy has enlarged. In order to lead this world wide trend, Telda electronics both has designed solar inverter and wind turbine inverter technology and has manufactured inverters which enhance efficiency for renewable energy production.

    We have established TELDA corporation in 2012 in order to extend our product ranges as well as business field. Developing our new products ,such as hybrid inverter, micro inverter, and PCS for ESS, we are to expand our business to global market and continue to focus on not only  B2B business but also B2C business.

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    TELDA Controllers

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    Hicom Series
    LonWorks Control

    TELDA Renewable Energy

    Solar and Wind Inverter
    TCPC Series

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