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제품명 Inverter Preheater
모델명 HP-Series
시리즈 Cable Instruments

Sungmin Instruments Inverter Preheater HP-Series

During extrusion work for steel or non-steel sheath peeling, this HP Series Inverter Preheater can greatly improve quality and productivity. 
Applicable cables include: thin wires with high resistivity and high speed cable extrusion (preheating conductors). 
When you peel off sheaths of steel or nickel wire or steel net wire, you need a preheater with high performance: the HP Series Inverter Preheater is the perfect solution.  

Sungmin Instruments Inverter Preheater HP-Series 1

When you need preheating at 150 degrees on copper wires with a diameter of 2.5mm or less and the line speed is within the range of 500mpm~1500mpm, you need to choose an Inverter Preheater. 
Depending on the cable type, you can save up to 20 types of work characteristics and you can also preheat at a consistent temperature. 
The menus to be set: offset, Slope Value, Point to the output, Decel. Time, Accel. Time and more.  

Product Specs

MODEL HP-12070CAP HP-180P24 HP-220P24 HP-220P48 HP-300P48
Pulley 120mm*3150mm*1 HP-180P24 HP-220P24 HP-220P48 HP-300P48
0. 2 ~ 1.5mm 0.5 ~ 3mm 0.8 ~ 4.5mm
Wire temp.Setting range 0 ~ 299 ℃
Capacity 220V 25KVA 220V 7KVA 220V 7KVA 220V 15KVA 220V 15KVA
Work frequency 1000Hz
Remotr control 0 ~ 10V DC INPUT
Capstan motor Servo motor control        
Work volt 0 ~ 7V 0 ~ 24V 0 ~ 24V 0 ~ 35V 0 ~ 48V
Power supply 220/380VAC, 3Phase, 50/60Hz
Steel/Line speed Steel/1200 Steel/500 Steel/300 Steel/500 Steel/1000
CU/Line speed CU/2500 CU/100 CU/700 CU/1000 CU/2000
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