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제품명 Induction Preheater
모델명 IP-Series
시리즈 Cable Instruments

Sungmin Instruments Induction Preheater IP-Series

The IP Series preheater has a wide range of applications. During the extrusion work for copper wire or non-steel sheath, you can use this preheater to improve quality and productivity. 
During cable extrusion work, it can be used to preheat conductors as it is easy to use and has a simple structure. 
Its offset function can be used to maintain a consistent temperature throughout all speeds.  

Sungmin Instruments Induction Preheater IP-Series 1

For Cu wires with a diameter of less than 5mm, a manufacturing speed of 500mpm can be achieved. 
It is firm and durable. The bottom pulley receives the line speed for detection purposes. 
The system can control its output depending on each speed.  

Sungmin Instruments Induction Preheater IP-Series 2

This is a preheater that can generate max output at the height of 1,000mm, line center. 
It is frequently used for line speeds of 800rpm in automobile or electronic cable manufacturing facilities.
It has a top/bottom pulley with a diameter of 220mm. The top part has an insulated electrode wheel that is composed of closed circuits. 
The bottom wheel has low heat conductivity and good insulation to minimize heat loss.  

Sungmin Instruments Induction Preheater IP-Series 3

The top/bottom wheel has a diameter of 300mm, which makes it adequate for preheating lines with large curvature radius and thick copper wires. 
It has a tall Line Center, so if you use an extruder line with 1,000mm, then you need to use the both wing’s guide roll to adjust the line center.  

Product Specs

IP-150P2 02 ~0.9mm 299℃ 2KVA 50/60Hz 150mmX2 CU 150m/m
IP-180P5 0.5~1mm 299℃ 5KVA 50/60Hz 180mmX2 CU 250m/m
IP-200P10 0.5~1.5mm 299℃ 0.5KVA 50/60Hz 200mmX2 CU 350m/m
IP-200P15 0.5~1.5mm 299℃ 15KVA/ 50/60Hz 200mmX2 CU 500m/m
IP-220P20 0.5~1.5/3mm 299℃ 20KVA 50/60Hz 220mmX2 CU 750m/m
IP-220P30 0.5~1.5/3mm 299℃ 30KVA 50/60Hz 220mmX2 CU 1000m/m
IP-300P20 1~5mm 299℃ 20KVA 50/60Hz 300mmX2 CU/ST 300m/m
IP-300P30 2~8mm 299℃ 30KVA 50/60Hz 300mmX2 CU/ST 500m/m
IP-400P50 3~10mm 299℃ 50KVA 50/60Hz 400mmX2 CU/ST 100m/m
IP-600P50 5~15mm 299℃ 50KVA 50/60Hz 600mmX2 CU 100m/m
IP-800P50 5~20mm 299℃ 50KVA 50/60Hz 800mmX2 CU 60m/m
IP-1000P100 7~25mm 299℃ 100KVA 50/60Hz 1000mmX2 CU 60m/m
IP-1200P200 10~40mm 299℃ 200KVA 50/60Hz 1200mmX2 CU 60m/m
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