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제품명 Length Marking Machine
모델명 LM -T-Series
시리즈 Cable Instruments

Sungmin Instruments Length Marking Machine LM -T-Series

This equipment is used to print the surface during extrusion work. 
It is mostly used for length printing or thermal carving of company logos or product type. 
It is mainly used in PE/XLPE production lines and frequently used in the manufacturing process for high voltage cables or fiber optical cables. 
When you print on PE or PVC pipes, you use a thermal carving marking machine. To maintain high accuracy while you work, you need to use an AC SERVO Motor for drawing.  

Sungmin Instruments Length Marking Machine LM -T-Series 1

An LM Series Making Machine is used for length printing. 
The length is usually printed in meters or feet. 
You can use our meter/feet marking machine to print both meters and feet at the same time.LM-T1000 is a marking machine that can mark both units.  

Sungmin Instruments Length Marking Machine LM -T-Series 2

When you use the marking machine on the optical cable or high voltage cable, you must sometimes mark the length on both the top and bottom. 
This is because you want to see the length from both sides since the cable is thick or too stiff. 
In this case, you need a Dual Marking Machine. LM-T DUAL is designed for this dual side printing purpose.  

Product Specs

Marking type Heating and stamp marking type
Applicable Product out diameter ∅10 ~80mm
Usage Length mark printing Feet Mark Meter and feed mark
Wheel drive type Ac servo motor control Torque motor Ac servo motor control
Tape White, AL coating tape
Length measuring type Belt counter 500mm wheel counter
Active outputs 1Pulse/meter open collector out 1Pulse/Feet 1Pulse/meter and feet
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