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  • 메센아이피씨(주)

    기업 정보

    During the past 21 years, MECEN IPC has grown out to be world’s leading as well as Korea’s largest multinational company in plastic processing and recycling field.

    Our basic aim is to localize the production line to stay closer to customers and to meet customers’ various requirements by updating the production facilities.

    MECEN IPC is currently developing, manufacturing and marketing intermediate goods in sectors covering plastic industry. 

    It actively strives to straddle the top of the market segments in which it operates.

    MECEN IPC is in business to ensure a constant supply of value to its clients, staffs, shareholders and the community.

    It conducts business with respect for the law and for ethics. 

    As a company focused on the future, we, MECEN IPC make sure that it will reborn as innovative and the first-class company which can adapt itself to drastic change of an enterprise paradigm and compete with overseas as well as other local companies.

    서울 강남구 테헤란로52길 21 (역삼동 벤처빌딩)

    생산 제품

    Environmental Business

    LFG (CDM) project
    PET Recycling

    Plastic Extrusion

    Cross linked PE
    Non-cross linked PE