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    J-TECH Corporation – Since launched in 1998, J-TECH Corp. is diligently leading the industry as a motorcycle helmet manufacturer for more than a decade in form of OEM production. We are paying our full efforts and company strengths to focus on securing the maximized helmet safety for the motorcycle riders and also focus on the product perfection in aspects of design and highly technical function. The differentiation on uninterrupted R&D, manufacturing Know-how based on the Zero defect craftsmanship and the strict standard testing and certification control – all of these integrated factors are the driving forces essentially that we could be a partner with well known worldwide motorcycle and its accessory brands by supplying premium quality helmet.

      We produce the premium quality helmet – We have helmet production factories in Korea and Vietnam and we have a motorcycle helmet shield/lens production factory in Korea and Vietnam. One of our key strength is the fact that most of production line staffs have been in working at this factory more than 12 years which means they fully understand how the premium helmet should be cared in the production line and how their craftsmanship contribute into the product. Especially, Mr. HK Cho, president of J-TECH Corp. who has worked in the Quality Assurance field for over 33 years, has led the company with that strong philosophy of Quality Management extracted from his own past foot mark and experiences. 

      We know what to do for tomorrow – J-TECH Corp. will keep doing our best to produce the product with the base responsibility as the manufacturer such as the best quality, reliable protection ability for rider safety, competitiveness on the business with customers. We make the best helmets for the people who know the difference. 

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