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Pneumatic Actuators

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제품 상세 설명

An extremely compact rack & pinion EPAR actuators offer the most reliable and economical solutions under the harsh environments and provide constant output torque throughout the stroke. The modular design allows the actuator to be easily converted from double acting to sing acting configuration, and provide for the simple addition of ancillaries. The EPAR actuator offer a complete range of extended body double acting actuators with rotations ranging from 120˚ to 180˚. The EPAR Series actuators are available with various ranges of springs in comparison with other actuators offering similar torque outputs. To ensure optimal valve positioning and installation, Flowbus provide a wide variety of torque capabilities under different supply pressure and operating conditions. 

ㆍExtremely compact heavy duty actuators
ㆍPneumatic Air Pressure up to 12bar (175psig)
ㆍTorque range 38 N.m(336 inch-lbs) to 4,182 N.m(37,031 inch-lbs)
ㆍOptimum for harsh environments
ㆍLatest Design Technologies applied
ㆍAdvanced Rack and Pinion Mechanism
ㆍWear and Corrosion Resistance
ㆍMulti-Turn Actuators ranging from 120˚ to 180˚

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