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    기업 정보

    We are the pioneer in the field of medical and aesthetic

    Daol Med
    thinks of the future first and put our utmost energy on R&D and creativities under the spirit of we are the pioneer in the field of medical and aesthetic.

    The start of 21st century has brought in new challenges and opportunities. We welcome these challenges and strive to develop and products that benefit human being. We have been focusing on skin and obesity management products considered as one of major field growing fast in 21st century and are proud of ourselves being a leader in these fields under the spirit of our relatively short history. All our staffs of DOSIS are working hard for the customer’s satisfaction and will continue to strive to set new standards in medical and aesthetic field with firm commitment.

    서울특별시 중랑구 용마산로 434 (면목동) 4층

    생산 제품


    Vein Light

    Hair Removal

    Epicare Plus

    Lifting / Wrinkle

    INNO Plus
    Ener G Plus

    OB / GYN

    INNO Plus V1
    Purecell V1

    Physical Therapy

    Cryo One (OEM)

    Skin Rejuvenation

    Pure Cell
    Qray FRX
    Hydro Injector
    Ener G Plus