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제품 상세 설명

VV1 is designed and developed upon the mechanism that hemoglobin has stronger absorption of infrared light than superficial skin and other tissues. After a series of digital image processing, VV1 maps the outline of the vein. Then, the projector projects the image on the surface of human skin to restore vascular distribution. In this way, qualified medical personnel can observe the projected vein image and locate the vein for venipuncture.



With the rapid development of science technology and gradual improvement of people's living standards,  the rate of obesity also increases daily. Since it is hard to locate and trace veins of the  obesity and some infants, venipuncture has become an increasingly challenging area for medical practitioners and brings great pains to the patients during injection or blood-drawing.

Compared with superficial skin, hemoglobin has a stronger absorption of near-infrared light. Based on this principle, CMIhas developed this Projection Vein Finder, VV1. It can greatly reduce  patients’ fear of injections and the difficulty of venipuncture for medical personnel in vein injection and blood-drawing.

Basic Specification
Power adapter: DC 12V, AC220~50HZ
Rated power: 25W
Charging time: 8 hrs
Image resolution: 360*240
Battery life: >200 mins
Brightness projection: <1500 lux
Optimal imaging distance: 250-300mm

Product model
Table type
Stand type



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