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Product Name Knit Tumbler M/C
Model YTM7000
Series Process Mechanical
Product Description


The purpose of developing

Look at the existing work processes milk tumbler A side, knit fabrics machine operator directly commitment to reduction ratio, and cooling during the work process, and the dissolution of twisted cloth fabric to be put back to emissions and the processed fabric after the operation twisted sikyeoseo that drain to loosen by hand, including one hundred and twelve are working excessive strength.
The kink phenomenon due to the dry fabric processing and reduction ratio does not even cause deterioration of the fabric is.
Thus, through this project to develop a continuous tumbler fabric processing unit commitment, eliminate repetitive tasks and improve emissions by significantly reducing the labor intensity of the work force field personnel to prevent evasion of the task, and increase the quality of processed fabric can and can reduce labor and fuel. 



- Production Capacity: 8000 ~ 9000KG 7 per Chamba(Based on one day weekly work)

- Heat source: steam, fruit, LNG, GAS, electric heater

- Heat supply system: thermal cycling method using

- Power consumption: 59KW 7 per Chamba

- Work Capacity: 3-5 people

- Drive Type: PROGRESS inverter drive system interlock



- Taper the drying drum for continuous processing mode.

- Chamber for transport between the armed forces sensing fabric load.

- Tilting the device to prevent twisting stiffness.

- Since using the thermal cycling method with less fuel costs and is very economical.

- There is no internal temperature.

- The production quality of the product is uniform. (Cotton, knitted reduction ratio effect of 0-3% work)

- Installation in accordance with the structure of the workplace in the form of diversification.

- Because the job done continuously apical to work continuously.

- Because each of the last chamber, the chamber consists of a separate cooling chamber temperature control is required.

- Machine operation can be stored a few value of the variable (temperature, drum inclination, pace) is by and fast training of employees with a dangerous experiment over the course of a wide range of final results can be obtained.