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    Industrial solenoid valve (SF 5PORT Series)
    SF1000 Series, SF2000 Series, SF3000 Series, SF4000 Series, SF5000 Series, SF6000 Series
    Industrial solenoid valve

    Product Description

    Industrial solenoid valve
    SF 5PORT

    Increased performance and durability

    CE/RoHS Correspondence

    Coil nonpolar application

    Easy coil removal

    Oil-free type

    SF1000 Series 5/2, 5/3Way 15mm, Various coil specifications and rated voltage

    Model NameFunctionEff. Sectional AreaPort SizeVoltage
    SF11015/2 Single3.6㎟M5AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF12005/2 Double3.6㎟M5AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF13035/3 Close Center3.0㎟M5AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF14035/3 Exhaust Center3.0㎟M5AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF15035/3 Pressure Center3.0㎟M5AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

    SF1000 Series Order Form

    SF2000 Series 5/2, 5/3Way 18mm, Various coil specifications and rated voltage

    Model NameFunctionEff. Sectional AreaPort SizeVoltage
    SF21015/2 Single12.6㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF22005/2 Double12.6㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF23035/3 Close Center9㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF24035/3 Exhaust Center9㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF25035/3 Pressure Center9㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

    SF2000 Series Order Form

    SF3000 Series 5/2, 5/3Way 23mm, Various coil specifications and rated voltage

    Model NameFunctionEff. Sectional AreaPort SizeVoltage
    SF31015/2 Single13.5㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF32005/2 Double13.5㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF33035/3 Close Center11.0㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF34035/3 Exhaust Center11.0㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF35035/3 Pressure Center11.0㎟1/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

    SF3000 Series Order Form

    SF4000 Series 5/2, 5/3Way 15mm, Various coil specifications and rated voltage

    Model NameFunctionEff. Sectional AreaPort SizeVoltage
    SF41015/2 Single19㎟1/4AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF42005/2 Double19㎟1/4AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF43035/3 Close Center11.5㎟1/4AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF44035/3 Exhaust Center11.5㎟1/4AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF45035/3 Pressure Center11.5㎟1/4AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

    SF4000 Series Order Form

    SF5000 Series 5/2, 5/3Way 30mm, Various coil specifications and rated voltage

    Model NameFunctionEff. Sectional AreaPort SizeVoltage
    SF51015/2 Single36㎟3/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF52005/2 Double36㎟3/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF53035/3 Close Center30㎟3/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF54035/3 Exhaust Center36㎟3/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF55035/3 Pressure Center36㎟3/8AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

    SF5000 Series Order Form

    SF6000 Series 5/2, 5/3Way 36mm, Various coil specifications and rated voltage

    Model NameFunctionEff. Sectional AreaPort SizeVoltage
    SF61015/2 Single65㎟1/2AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF62005/2 Double65㎟1/2AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF63035/3 Close Center50㎟1/2AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF64035/3 Exhaust Center50㎟1/2AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
    SF65035/3 Pressure Center50㎟1/2AC110V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V

    SF6000 Series Order Form

    Product List

    Round cylinder

    Round cylinder
    YCS20, YCS25, YCS32, YCS40, YCSW20, YCSW25, YCSW32, YCSW40, YCSW-ST,, YCS-S(T)
    Round cylinder
    P4S, YCP6, YCP10, YCP16, YCPW10, YCPW16, YCP-S(T)

    Tie-rod cylinder

    Tie-rod cylinder
    YCT63, YCT100, YCT160
    Tie-rod cylinder
    YNBH3-30, YNBH3-40, YNBH3-50, YNBH3-60, YNPH3-30, YNPH3-40, YNPH3-50, YNPH3-60
    Tie-rod cylinder
    YCM40, YCM50, YCM63, YCM80, YCM100, YCMW, YCMW-ST, YCMH
    Tie-rod cylinder
    YC(D)L125, YC(D)L140, YC(D)L150, YC(D)L160, YC(D)L180, YC(D)L200, YC(D)L250, YCLW, YCLW-ST

    Thin cylinder

    Thin cylinder
    Thin cylinder

    Guide, dual cylinder

    Guide, dual cylinder
    YGM10-A, YGM16-A, YGM20-A, YGM25-A, YGM32-A, YGM40-A
    Guide, dual cylinder
    YCQM12, YCQM16, YCQM20, YCQM25, YCQM32, YCQM40, YCQM50, YCQM63, YCQM80, YCQM100
    Guide, dual cylinder
    NGPL 12, NGPL 16, NGPL 20, NGPL 25, NGPL 32
    Guide, dual cylinder
    NXM(L)10, NXM(L)15, NXM(L)20, NXM(L)25

    Direct acting solenoid valve

    Direct acting solenoid valve
    YSV400, YSV411
    Direct acting solenoid valve
    YSV307, YSV307V, YSO307, YSO307V, YMF307-00
    Direct acting solenoid valve
    YDS, YDS21, YDS212, YDS213, YDS214, YDS215, YDS216, YSW, YDW21, YDW212, YDW213, YDW214, YDW215, YDW216
    Direct acting solenoid valve
    YSV211, YSV211V, YSV221, YSV221V, YSV311, YSV311V, YSV321, YSV321V
    Direct acting solenoid valve (Micro Series)
    YS20, YMF20
    Direct acting solenoid valve (PICO Series)
    YS10, YS11, YS15, YS16, YMF10

    D-SUB Connect

    D-SUB Connect
    MCS400, M4SF4, M4SCE5, M4SIE3
    D-SUB Connect
    MCS200, M2SF2, M2SCE4, M2SIE2
    D-SUB Connect
    MCS100, MSF1, MSF2, MSC1, MSC2, MSC3, MSC4, MSCE3, MSCE4
    D-SUB Connect
    MCS10, M1SC2, M1SC3, M1SC4, M1SQ1, M1SQ3, M1SQ4

    Compact solenoid valve

    Compact solenoid valve (SCE 3PORT Series)
    SCE361D, SCE371D, SCE380D, SCB36-D-00, SCE461, SCE471, SCE480, SCB46-D-00
    Compact solenoid valve (SCE 5PORT Series)
    SCE311D, SCE320D, SCE333D, SCE343D, SCE353D, SCB31-D-00, SCE311B, SCE320B, SCE333B, SCE343B, SCE353B, SCB31-B-00, SCE411D, SCE420D, SCE433D, SCE443D, SCE453D, SCB41-D-00, SCE411B, SCE420B, SCE433B, SCE443B, SCE453B, SCB41-B-00, SCE511D, SCE520D, SCE533D, SCE543D, SCE553D, SCB51-D-00, SCE511B, SCE520B, SCE533B, SCE543B, SCE553B, SCB51-B-00
    Compact solenoid valve (SC 3PORT Series)
    SC261D, SC271D, SC280D, SCB26-D-00, SC361D, SC371D, SC380D, SCB36-D-00, SC461D, SC471D, SC480D, SCB46-D-00
    Compact solenoid valve (SC5PORT Series)
    SC211D, SC220D, SC233D, SC243D, SC253D, SCB21-D-00, SC211B, SC220B, SC233B, SC243B, SC253B, SCB21-B-00, SC311D, SC320D, SC333D, SC343D, SC353D, SCB31-D-00, SC311B, SC320B, SC333B, SC343B, SC353B, SCB31-B-00, SC411D, SC420D, SC433D, SC443D, SC453D, SCB41-D-00, SC411B, SC420B, SC433B, SC443B, SC453B, SCB41-B-00
    Compact solenoid valve (SCM Series)
    SCM200, SCM300, SCM400
    Compact solenoid valve (SQ Series)
    SQ211, SQ220, SQ233, SQ243, SQ253, SCB21-D-00, SQ311, SQ320, SQ333, SQ343, SQ353, SCB31-D-00, SQ411, SQ420, SQ433, SQ443, SQ453, SCB41-D-00

    Industrial solenoid valve

    Industrial solenoid valve (SN Series)
    SN3000 Series, SN4000 Series
    Industrial solenoid valve (SIE Series)
    SIE200 Series, SIE300 Series
    Industrial solenoid valve (SIV Series)
    SIV200 Series, SIV300 Series , SIV400 Series, SIV500 Series, SIV600 Series
    Industrial solenoid valve (SF 5PORT Series)
    SF1000 Series, SF2000 Series, SF3000 Series, SF4000 Series, SF5000 Series, SF6000 Series
    Industrial solenoid valve (SF 3PORT Series)
    SF1600 Series, SF2600 Series, SF4600 Series, SF5600 Series, SF6600 Series

    Air operate valve

    Air operate valve (SNP Series)
    SNP3000, SNP4000
    Air operate valve (SIP Series)
    SIP200, SIP300, SIP400, SIP500, SIP600, SIB BASE
    Air operate valve (SFP 3PORT Series)
    SFP1600, SFP2600, SFP4600, SFP5600, SFP6600
    Air operate valve (SFP 5PORT Series)
    SFP1000, SFP2000, SFP3000, SFP4000, SFP5000, SFP6000
    Air operate valve (SCP 3PORT Series)
    SCP260, SCP360, SCP460, SCB MANIFOLD
    Air operate valve (SCP 5PORT Series)
    SCP200, SCP300, SCP400, SCP500

    Mechanical valve

    Mechanical valve (YVH Series)
    YVH230-08, YVH230-08-L, YVH330-10, YVH330-10-L, YVH430-15, YVH430-15-L
    Mechanical valve (KMV Series)
    KMV310-S, KMV310-D, KMV310-S-P, KMV310-D-P, KMV410-S, KMV410-D, KMV410-S-P, KMV410-D-P, KMV460-S, KMV460-S-P, KMV460-D-P
    Mechanical valve (TMV Series)
    TMV210, TMV210-P, TMV210-PP, TMV410, TMV410-P, TMV410-PP, TMV260, TMV260-P, TMV260-PP, TMV460, TMV460-P, TMV460-PP
    Mechanical valve (HLV Series)
    HLV300, HLV400, HLV500, HLV600, HLV700, HLV460, HLV560, HLV300-V, HLV400-V, HLV500-V, HLV460-V, HLV560-V
    Mechanical valve (RVL, PMEV 3PORT Series)
    RLV 3PORT Series, PMEV 3PORT Series
    Mechanical valve (RVL, PMEV 5PORT Series)
    RLV 5PORT Series, PMEV 5PORT Series
    Mechanical valve (YMVSeries)
    YMV300 Series, YMV400 Series
    Mechanical valve (SFM Series)
    SFM300 Series, SFM400 Series, SFM500 Series, SFM600 Series, SFM460 Series, SFM560 Series, SFM660 Series


    F.R.L (UC600-25 Series)
    UF600-25(AD), UR600-25, UR600-25-NG, UR600-25-R, UL600-25, UFR600-25(AD), UFC600-25(AD), UFC600-25-NG(AD), UFC600-25-R(AD), UC600-25(AD), UC600-25-NG(AD), UC600-25-R(AD)
    F.R.L (UC600-20 Series)
    UF600-20(AD), UR600-20, UR600-20-NG, UR600-20-R, UL600-20, UFR600-20(AD), UFC600-20(AD), UFC600-20-NG(AD), UFC600-20-R(AD), UC600-20(AD), UC600-20-NG(AD), UC600-20-R(AD), UA6-20
    F.R.L (UC400 Series)
    UF400-15(AD), UR400-15, UR400-15-NG, UR400-15-R, UL400-15, UFR400-15(AD), UFC400-15(AD), UFC400-15-NG(AD), UFC400-15-R(AD), UA4-15, UZ400-15
    F.R.L (UC300 Series)
    UF300-10(AD), UR300-10, UR300-10-NG, UR300-10-R, UL300-10, UFR300-10(AD), UFC300-10(AD), UFC300-10-NG(AD), UFC300-10-R(AD), UC300-10(AD), UC300-10-NG(AD), UC300-10-R(AD), UA3-10, UZ300-10
    F.R.L (UC200 Series)
    UF200-08, UR200-08, UR200-08-NG, UR200-08-R, UL200-08, UFR200-08, UFC200-08, UC200-08, UC200-08-NG, UC200-08-R, UA2-08, UZ200-08


    AS-00, ASS-00, ANS-00
    One touch fitting, Hose
    YC, YF, YSE, YU, YT, YUU, YH04-W, YH08-W, YH10-W, YH12-W, YH16-W
    Auto switch
    D-A54K, D-A54X, D-A54K-F, D-A54X-F, D-MB-00, D-AB-00, D-A94K, D-A94X, D-A94K-F, D-A94X-F, D-C75K, D-C75X, D-C75K-F, D-C75X-F, D-SB-00
    Accessory (YJ Series)
    YJ-S, YJ-F
    Accessory (YSC Series)
    YSC02-1, YSC02-2, YSK02-1, YSK02-2, YSK04-3, YSK04-4, YSK05-6, YSK06-10, YSF01, YSF02, YSF03, YSF04