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Product Name Oil Purifier
Model PU-Series
Series Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System
Product Description

Oil Purifier
It is device that is produced and designed to increase the degree of purity of oil by removing waste and moisture within oil, as a device that degasses and dehydrate refrigerated oil in a high-vacuum state.

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Product Specificationsd
- Moisture is removed in a high degree of vacuum by mixing a pump and a booster pump in an order.
- A smooth suction of high-viscosity refrigerated oil due to a vacuum-inhalation system.
- Heated refrigerated oil spreads its heat-transfer area, so the moisture removal is excellent.
- Automatic and manual operations are easy (Touch Screen Operation Method)
- Small need of supplies and a simple structure.

Safety device
When a set-amount of moisture is unreachable by installing a moisture-measuring device, it keeps a stable state by repeating a process of removing moisture due to a metony my into a storage tank