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Product Name Tube Mill Machine
Model WS-Series
Series Products
Product Description

Tube mill line of Woosung Machine includes stainless and steel pipe manufacturing and our products have excellent features for better productivity of pipe companies. 

1. Main control panel 
 The main control panel contains both tube mill and cutting machine for effective use of space and all operations can be controlled using P.L.C. 

2. Operation panel 
 All operations of the tube mill can be easily handled automatically or with manual. 

3. Cutting machine 
 Cutting leng서 can be adjusted and encoder counter makes easy and fast length set up. 

4. Low noise and vibration 
 It produces the best quality without vibration or noise of the machine even with high speed production. 

5. Accurate tube mill and welding 
 Precise desigm and parts process make accurate tube mill and standard pipe.


WOOSUNG MACHINE Tube Mill Machine WS-Series

* Utility model : Registration #20-0438845 


WOOSUNG MACHINE Tube Mill Machine WS-Series 1