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    Single Panel
    Sandwich Panel

    Product Description


    Our products come in many different colors, types and soxes to meet customer’s various needs

    We specially coated our products’ surface with sound-water-moisture proof material.
    Our products are strong with excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and beautiful surface.

    Uniform surface finishes and smooth surface makes whatever color more brilliant.

    Easy to construct and maintain and repair. The natural color of the patterned panel raises the level of new architectural culture for making and impressive atmosphere of quality. It plays a very important role in modern construction and has various usages ranging from general to industrial construction.

    WOOSHIN APEC Single Panel

    Product List

    Sandwich Panel

    Swing Door / Windows
    Door & Partition
    G.S.P .P School Type-S, B
    Single Panel
    EPS Panel
    Glasswool Panel
    Urethane Panel
    G.S.P Type-C, B
    Industrial Sliding Door
    Accessories Panel
    Aluminum Profile for Hanger / Swing Door and Panel

    AL Composite Panel

    Aluminum Composite Panel


    Navigation & Signal Lights
    Ex-proof Lights
    Incandescent Lights
    Fluorescent Lights
    Navigation & Signal Lights