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Product Name Automated washing machine welder. 1
Series Home Appliance Business
Product Description

Description of automated washing machine welder. 1

Name of facilities Automated washing machine welder. 1
Overview of facilities Facilities that perform straight TIG or automatic laser welding on the cylindrical stainless steel
plate inside washing machine *It is applicable to drum washing machines, general washing
machines, and dryers. It is designed to change the operation of facilities easily by
adopting PLC and is easy to operate with a touch screen and can monitor
welding data and control the height of torch,
conveying speed setting, and welding conditions setting freely.
Details of facilities 1) Input power : AC 3 phase 460V 50/60Hz
2) AIR SUPPLY: 5+-1Bar
3) Control Voltage: Max 600mm
4) SIZE : W 1275 X D 3529 X H 2348 (mm)
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