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We strive to satisfy our customers.

Through more than 40 years of steady technological and market developmet. TPC Mechatronics Corp has secured its position as the largest Korean manufacturer of pneumatic equipment, a key part of factory automation, Adding on the motion control, 3D printing, and  collaborative robots businesses over the years starting 2016 we have made providing customers with "Smart Factory Total Solution" our business goal

By providing Smart Factory Total Soultions to our customers, we have been able to provide solutions that maximize our customers' productivity in a rapidly changing industrial environment with the start of the 4th industrial revolution.

With improving customer productivity and reducing overall costs as our mission, TPC strives to give value to our customers by providing differentiated solutions and prompt service. The 4th industrial revolution has changed the industrial environment while emphasizing the importance of mass customization and we will continue to support our customers in maximizing their productivity under the changing environment.

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