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Product Name VICAT Tester
Model TO-380
Series Testing for Film/Plastic
Product Description


Application Field



KS M 3076. ISO 306, ASTM D 1525

Product Description

◇ This tester has a temperature-controlled sump (Oil Bath). There is a flat needle on the sump, so the degree
   of penetration is written to the gauge. After placing the needle that has prescribed load on the specimen,
   softening point is measured raising the temperature of 50 degrees per hour. This device measures the temperature
   (VICAT: Softening Point) when the needle penetrates 1mm from the reference plane of the specimen surface.

◇ Softening temperature is different from the concept of the melting temperature. (MFR). It is a temperature when
   the resin soften without change, and can`t bear the stress. A higher softening point means that the heat-resisting
   property is good. Generally, the softening temperature is proportional to density of the resin. Therefore, softening
   temperature is used as a important measure of comparison to softening by heat of thermoplastics resins.

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