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Product Name Mechanical Universal Testing Machine
Model TO-101
Series Universal Testing Machine
Product Description


◇ Universal Testing Machine is a representative test equipment for physical properties. It is capable of measuring load, strength, elongation of products or materials such as rubber, film, plastic, metal, etc.

◇ Basically, Tests of fullering, tearing, compression, flexural, desquamation are available. Hardness(ILD, IFD), static load, repeat fatigue tests, the friction coefficient measurement test are also available.

◇ There are largely two universal testing machine; mechanical machine and hydraulic machine. The major part of mechanical universal testing machine such as servo motor, gear, ball screw is constructed from foreign-made(Japan). So, it has precision and low noise. Hydraulic universal testing machine realized the excellent reproducibility and accuracy by adopting a hydraulic servo system.

◇ With a high-performance LCD indicator that has the position control function, this machine was designed as a high-resolution (1 / 50000), and it is possible to control distance to 0.01mm.

◇ It uses dedicated software and was made for user`s convenience. Therefore, various graphs, unit conversion, conversion to excel are easy. Data storage, management, and can be printed. In addition, users can change some details through an order.

◇ With an environmental chamber, materials tests in constant temperature and humidity, low or high temperature are possible.

TEST ONE Mechanical Universal Testing Machine TO-101

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