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Product Name Needle Feed
Model KM-857/867 Series
Series Sewing Machine
Catalog KM-857 Series.PDF
Product Description

SunStar Needle Feed KM-857/867 Series

Post Bed, High Speed, 1-Needle, Needle Feed, Lock Stitch Sewing Machine



ModelApplicationMax. sewing speed [spm]Stitch length [mm]NeedleLubricationAuto thread trimmingMotorNo. of needlesLift of the presser foot [mm]Hook
HandKneeAutoDrive typePositionSize
KM-857Medium heavy3,0000~5DPx17 #18~#22Semi-autoNoClutch motor1718-RotaryHorizontal-
KM-857-7Medium heavy3,0000~5DPx17 #18~#22Semi-autoYesServo motor1718(13)RotaryHorizontal-
KM-857JJean3,0000~5DPx17 #18~#22Semi-autoNoClutch motor1718-RotaryHorizontal-
KM-857J-7Jean3,0000~5DPx17 #18~#22Semi-autoYesServo motor1718(13)RotaryHorizontal-
KM-867Medium heavy3,0000~5DPx17 #18~#22Semi-autoNoClutch motor2718-RotaryHorizontal-
KM-867-7Medium heavy3,0000~5DPx17 #18~#22Semi-autoYesServo motor2718(13)RotaryHorizontal-


The upper thread left on the needle after trimming can be controlled by selecting solenoid-driven thread release mechanism, preventing the thread drift from the needle and the skipping of stitches during the beginning sewing. (KM-857-7)

The large oil tank mounted in the middle of the arm automatically lubricates individual moving parts, dissolving the burden of frequent lubrication.

The thread winding device attached to the front of the arm reduces unnecessary movements of the operator, increasing the productivity.

The direct connection of the presser foot knee-lifting device to the machine facilitates simplicity at the same time guarantees light and soft operations.

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