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Product Name Gas Clothes Dryer
Model SK-CD270LN
Series Gas Clothes Dryer / Automatic Gas Rice Cooker
Product Description

Model Name
Rated Voltage
Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption850W
Structure and featuresFire-extinguishing device, temperature sensing thermistor, overheat prevention device, blackout safety device, wind pressure safety device, and door switch safety device

Gas Clothes Dryer

Sterilize and dry clothes, while minimizing cloth damage, with sunkyung's innovative technology!

This high-efficiency clothes dryer dries your clothes quickly and does not deform even after a long use due to its stainless steel material at the front, which also prevents the product from scratches and corrosion. It has a large dust filter that makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the product. Its large LCD window provides you with the information on the product and the clothes in it and allows you to manipulate the product conveniently.

Characteristics of the gas clothes dryer

Our gas clothes dryer generates little vibration and noise and can dry even a large amount of clothes! 

Quiet drying
The dryer's inverter motor minimizes the motor and drum spin noise and allows you to control its speed at your will.

Energy efficiency
We maximized thermal efficiency with the use of gas and minimized power consumption by operating the exhaust device and rotating the drum with one motor.

Clean sterilization and drying
Its drum is made of stainless steel (STS304), preventing rust formation and enhancing its heat resistance.

Powerful exhaust
The dryer removes dust inside the drum with its powerful exhaust system, ensuring clean sterilization and drying.

A large amount of clothes is okay!
The dryer generates sufficient heat to dry a large amount of clothes.

Two-way door design
By default, the dry is set to open to the right. But the direction can be changed if you want it to open to the left.

Clothes under the safe care!
The dryer cools the inside of the drum two minutes before the completion of its operation to lower the internal heat and prevent damage/wrinkle formation in the clothes.

Easy one-touch operation
You can press the Hot Blast (low, middle, and high temperature) button to start drying in 3 seconds.

Easy to check product malfunction (diagnosis by Al)
When the dryer malfunctions, you can check the problem with its automatic diagnosis function. The dryer is made safer with a dual safety device.
(When a problem occurs after product operation, the drum rotates for 30 seconds to discharge the internal heat and the gas.)

Gas Clothes Dryer


- Product dimensions : 1,940(H) x 1,000(W) x 1,200(D)mm

- Maximum drum capacity : 27kg

- Gas port: 15A

- Power : Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz

- Power consumption : 850W

- Length of power cord : 2.5m

- Gas used : Utility gas (13A)

- Pressure : 2.0+0.5/-1.0kPa

- Gas consumption : 33kW (28,400Kcal/H)

- Safety devices : Fire-extinguishing device, temperature sensing thermistor, overheat prevention device, blackout safety device, wind pressure safety device, and door switch safety device

- Product category : General type/Coin type

- Drying method : Hot air drying

- Drying stage : 3 stages (low, middle, and high)

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