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Product Name Aian Bottle Sterilizer
Model SK-V101
Series Medical Sterilizer / Baby Bottle Sterilizer (Large Siz)
Product Description

Aian Bottle Sterilizer

Model NameSK-V101 GREEN
Rated Voltage220V 60Hz
Power Consumption150W
Structure and featuresUltraviolet sterilization, far-infrared ray heater method, Korea's first sterilization mark (S mark) certification, stainless polishing processing and diffuse reflection structure inside

Independent lab certified Sunkyung Industry technology power! Carefully analyze the pros and cons ! AIAN Bottle Sterilizer

Korea's first bottle sterilizer to receive government S-mark certification.
20 years of sterilizer manufacturing expertise helped to achieve the S-mark certification in Korea, which makes it stand out when compared to similar products.

Ultraviolet rays and infrared heater
UV rays, 64 times more powerful than the sun, are combined with an infrared heater to create maximum sterilization and drying power.

Diffused reflection construction
Manufactured using polished stainless steel and a hexagonal structure to create maximum effective sterilization and disinfection

Audio Alert
Touch the button and a voice alerts the process' beginning and end.

One button operation
Disinfect, sterilize and dry all at once. 20 minute process and 30 second cool down time.

Air Filter
Provides clean air circulation

UV Lamp 

UV sterilization lamp provides sterilizing power more than 64 times stronger than the sun's rays. It also emits an abundant amount of UVC wavelength 253.7nm which has the highest amount of sterilizing power. UV sterilization is very effective against bacteria, including viruses and fungi.

Infrared heater

The infrared heater uses the most beneficial light wavelength, like the ones used in health care treatment. The light spreads through the entire area removing odors and purifying the air for maximum sterilizing effect.

Quality and Convenience! AIAN Bottle Sterilizer

One touch Operation (3 in 1)

Durable Stainless Rack

Durable Door

Air Filter

Stainless Hexagon Diffused Reflection Construction

Durable Stainless Basket

Can Bottle be placed upside down?

Items can be placed in any way and still achieve maximum results in the AIAN bottle Sterilizer, unlike other sterilizers. UV rays and an infrared heater combine to effectively sterilize, disinfect and dry products.

Tip Multiple applications : Disinfect, sterilize and dry an assortment of baby items, beauty tools, household item and
                                             kitchen utensils. Remove the middle shelf to accommodate large items. 

AIAN Sterilizer Applications : Homes, postpartum Care Centers, Department Stores, Kindergartens, hospitals / Clinics, Nursing Homes / Elderly Hospitals, Beauty, Salons, Beauty Shops / Nail Salons, Health Clubs, Hostels, Offices, Schools, Animal Hospitals / Pet Centers.

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