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Product Name Nano-silver dryer for boots(case)
Model SK-UV01871
Series Kitchen Sterilizer / Boot Sterilizer
Product Description

Boot Sterilizer
Model NameSK-UV01871
Rated Voltage220V 60Hz
Power Consumption3kW
Capacity18 pairs of boots
Structure and FeaturesThe rack format makes it easy to put in and take out boots one by one.

A time when hygiene management is important Boots Sterilizer

It sterilizer more than 99.9% of bacteria, Viruses and fungi that are harmful to the human body.

Nano-silver sterilization, hot air drying, and storage spaces for boots in restaurants, large kitchens, schools, hospitals, etc. Easily sterilize, dry and store your boots. Disinfection and drying are performed in a short time using the installed hot air heater.


Perfect Sterilization
Sterilize germs, viruses, and molds harmful to human body for removing 99.9% of them by UV sterilizing lamp with a strong sterilization power 64 times higher than that of sunlight and Sunkyung's proprietary technology.

Minimum Operation Cost
The maintenance cost is minimal since UV lamp and other parts have a long life cycle and the cycle gets even longer with combination of built-in timer that automatically blocks the power after sterilization lowering electrical bill.

Timer Temperature Control
Digital timer enables a digitized temperature control for different product applications.

Hot-air Drying
Drying of internal water or moisture is achieved by hot air distribution evenly and an automatic moisture discharge function improves the drying quality and provides convenience.

Safety Device - Bimetal
It uses a property of bending when heat is applied and controls the product according to temperature, and it keeps a specific temperature range. In case of overheat, the bimetal recognizes it in advance and stops the heater.

Stainless Steel 304 (STS304)
STS304 is a semi-permanent since it contains nickel which protects the unit from rust while it has an excellent heat resistance.

Tempered Glass and Crevice Block
Tempered glass is made by blowing air to the glass surface after thermal processing of plate glass and quenching, which brings its bending strength 3 to 5 times stronger than that of ordinary glass, with an excellent thermal resistance. In addition, it blocks exposure of UV rays and prevents cracks using rubber packing.

Electromagnetic Wave Block - Noise Filter
The noise filter equipped in the UV sterilizer removes or attenuates unnecessary electromagnetic waves to prevent electromagnetic interference and maintain electromagnetic suitability of the product.

This is effective in preventing infection of various infectious diseases, and it can sanitize, disinfect, and store boots.
- The rack format makes it easy to take out and use boots one bye one.

What is UV sterilization ?

UV Sterilization is harmless to human body while it blocks and prevents infectious diseases by removing 99.9% germs, viruses, and molds in short time.

UV sterilization lamp generates 253.7nm with the strongest sterilizing power in UV of UV-C (single round) and provides sterilization power 64 times stronger than that of the sunlight. Since it has no taste, no flavor, and no harm to human body, it is being used as the high-degree sterilization method in many applications: serving foods, medicine, cosmetics, electronic industries, and frequently used in our daily lives for sterilizing daily goods and indoor air cleaning.

Product sterilization of SunKyung Industry

It sterilizers more than 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi that are harmful to the human body.


Product usage and appropriate temperature operation time

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