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Product Name Nano-silver dryer for boots (open-type)
Model SK-716SR
Series Kitchen Sterilizer / Boot Sterilizer
Product Description

Boot Sterilizer
Model NameSK-716SR
Rated Voltage220V 60Hz
Power Consumption1.2kW
Capacity16 pairs of boots
Structure and FeaturesDry wet boots to wear them dry and softly.

Nano-silver sterilization Boots Dryer
Dry wet boots to wear them dry and softly.

This is Effective in preventing infection of various infectious disease, and it can sanitize, disinfect, and store boots. The rack format makes it easy to put in and take out boots one by one.


Perfect Sterilization
It is effective in preventing infection as well as various infectious diseases.

Stainless Steel 304 (STS304)
STS304 is a semi-permanent since it contains nickel which protects the unit form rust while it has an excellent heat resistance.

Hot-air Drying
It is economical because it it sterilized in a short time using a high-performance heater


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