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Product Name Electric Sterilizing Cabinet
Model SK-900NF
Series Kitchen Sterilizer / Electric Sterilizing Cabinet
Product Description

Electric Sterilizing Cabinet
Model NameSK-900NF
Rated Voltage220V, 380V
Power Consumption4100W
Structure and FeaturesAutomatic temperature control device, powerful blower, high-performance heater, hot air circulation shelf, heat-resistant packing, movable wheels

A time when hygiene management is important Electric Sterilizing Cabinet

A heater forcibly circulates and heats the air inside the electric dishwasher, and this hot air sterilizes, dries, and stores dishes.

This is effective in preventing infection of various infectious diseases. The high heat of the heater does not directly hit the dishes, preventing the dishes from being deformed or damaged. It has the advantage of shortening the drying time of dishes as the dishes are dried by hot air.


Use auto temperature controller

Adopted an auto control for adjusting temperature depending on applications

Use hot air circulation rack

Movable rack using stainless 304 NO4 is designed to circulate hot air

Use high performance heater

Designed to enable a perfect sterilization by adopting a high performance
 heater that can raise temperature up to 120°C

Use heat resistant packing

Adopted silicon packing with an excellent sealing that can endure heat

Movable wheels

Provides convenience by attaching wheels for an easy movement of objects

Sterilizes, dries, and stores dishes in restaurants, large kitchens, schools, hospitals, etc.

- The product uses an automatic control method to adjust the temperature in various ways according to the purpose

- Stainless (STS304) was used so it does not rust


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