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SUNKYUNG Industry will take the lead in the generation of hygiene and disinfection of the 21st century with thorough quality control and new product development.

We have maintained the dominant position as the best manufacturing company specialized in ultraviolet sterilizers since the establishment in 1993, and has been continually growing. Starting from UV Sterilizers, we are a company specialized in sterilizers such as Life Prevention Sterilizers, Medical Equipment Sterilizers and Home Sterilizers, with manufacturing power and quality.

We supply to schools, hospitals, medical centers, sanatoriums, day care centers, resorts, industries, hotels, commercial and public offices, military sites, restaurants, and cafeterias with serving group meals, where hygiene is important. We take charge of manufacturing, sales, and management. All employees will make faithful craftsmanship and promise to delivery accurate customer service.

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Company Address 1, Seounsandan-ro 3-gil, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea