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Product Name Cast Resin Transformer (Standard)
Series Cast Resin Type
Product Description

Cast resin transformer (Standard) 

It's characterized by good impulse withstand voltage with excellent insulation ability of epoxy resin and design of session dividing winding and has no fire or explosion risk by electric arc with its own self-extinguishing characteristics.   

(1) Strong short-circuit force 

It has high durability for electric mechanical power, external shock and abnormal vibration on the disconnection because the coil of cast resin transformer is molded into Epoxy Resin in the high-degree vacuum. 

(2) Fire Retardant 

No fire risk and self-extinguishing ability using Epoxy Resin with excellent combustibility. 

(3) Easy inspection and maintenance 

Convenient maintenance without the insulation ability decrease because of simple design and good waterproofness.


Applicable Standard

IEC 60076-11, KS C 4311


50, 60Hz

Insulation class

B or F

Temperature rise

80℃ or 100℃
BIL (kV)

System Voltage

Power frequency withstand voltage

Impulse Voltage

24 7.2 3.6 0.6 below
50 20 10 3
95 40 20 -

Primary voltage (kV)

22.9 6.6 33.3 0.6 below

Tap voltage (kV)


Secondary voltage (kV)

6.6, 3.3, 0.48, 0.44, 0.38, 0.22
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