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Product Name Twin Screw Lab-extruder
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Today’s plastic compounding requires intensive R&D activities as new materials are developed and launched almost every day.
This laboratory extruder is a small model of the TEK series and this will surely meet your R&D’s requirement This model is suitable for small quantity batch production. 

TEK Series Twin Screw Lab-Extruder is a high-torque, deep-groove screw used as multi-purpose research equipment. 
These products, as a small model of our TEK series, will surely meet your R&Ds requirements.
TEK30MHS/TEK30/TEK25MHS/TEK25/TEK20 has a compact structure with its driving device and barrel in one body, and its movable frames equipped with operating panel can be effectively operated even in a small space. 


Plastic Industry

- Polymer compounding and pelletizing
- Polymerization and synthetic
- Fiber, glass fiber and carbon fiber
- reinforcementCaCo3, Talc, clay, carbon black
- Modified polymers, flame retardants, cross linking,agents plasticizers, pigments
- MI change, polymerization, graft reaction

Process Industry

- Toner treatment step, 
- Powder coating synthetic Thermoplastic Elastomers, Adhesion process,

SM PLATEK Twin Screw Lab-extruder

Food Industry 

- Gelling starch, Protein organization, FoodCandy, Mixed gum

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