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    Product Description

    SKC R&D


    Based on its core technologies gained through its film and chemical businesses, SKC secures future growth opportunities in IT, renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, and conducts R&D to strengthen its global competitiveness.

    With forty years of film-related technologies, SKC Film R&D is working to diversify polyester film products, upgrade product quality, and prepare new specialty products that will drive tomorrow’s growth.

    Key R&D Achievements

    Heat Contraction Film Development of eco-friendly heat contraction film with outstanding contraction properties and no harmful substances. Second mass production in the world and highest market share in Korea. Won the Jan Yeong-sil Award in 2003.

    Biodegradable PLA Film Biaxial oriented film made from PLA material with 100% biodegradable properties. First mass production and commercialization in the world. Won the 2009 Korean Technology Award and the 2009 Jang Yeong-sil Award.

    PEN Film Film with durability and heat resistance. Used as high-functioning industrial material and insulating film. First production in Korea.

    Reflective Film This core material for LCD back light unit has an outstanding reflective rates. An outstanding product was developed using superior design technology. Highest market share in Korea. Won the Minister of Knowledge Economy citation in 2012.

    Silicone Release Film Zero defect in-line silicone coating processed product used as process protection film for industrial, display, and MLCC purposes.

    PVDF Film First PVDF film mass production in 2012, based on superior technology in thin casting film production. Highest fluorine film market share in the world.

    Based on its core technologies gained through its film and chemical businesses, SKC secures future growth opportunities in IT, renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, and conducts R&D to strengthen its global competitiveness.

    SKC Materials R&D develops specialty polyurethane materials and inorganic materials for the happiness of our customers and for the continuous development of SKC.

    Specialty polyurethane R&D is based on long-term know-how and technology accumulated in the PO downstream. It is the leader of the next-generation materials industry. Representative materials will include jounce bumper, fine bubble material used for automobile suspension and headlamp bezel with high-functioning engineering plastic. In addition, our materials R&D team also develops highly flame retardant urea coating materials used in LPG tanks and functional glue used for solar panel back sheets, as per our client needs.

    Besides polyurethane, we are also currently developing inorganic materials such as magnet-FCCL used for wireless charging and IT device close-range communication.

    Key R&D Achievements

    LMP (Low Monol Polyol) By developing and using special catalyst which replaces KOH (generally used when manufacturing polyol), we created a high-functioning polyol with a lower content of monol that reduces matter property during polyurethane manufacturing. First independently-developed LMP manufacturing catalyst in Korea.

    Highly Flame Retardant Urea Coating Highly flame retardant coating used for LPG tanks. Protects the insulation layer of LPG tanks. Acquired UL 94 and DIN 4102 certification.

    Solar Panel Back Sheet Film Lamination Glue Outstanding weatherproof film lamination glue. Formulated with the highest level of polyester polyol and polyurethane design to secure outstanding initial adhesion and durability.

    Jounce Bumper Automobile suspension part made with polyurethane fine bubble foam. Used in various Korean and foreign automobile models.

    Engineering Plastic Complex material with greatly enhanced plastic properties achieved by combining inorganic materials. Used in the manufacture of headlamp bezel, fender, automobile parts, and housing parts for various electronic products.

    M-FCCL (Magnetic Flexible Copper Clad Laminate) Panel material for NFC, Samsung Pay, and wireless charging antenna etc. Made with organic and inorganic complex material technology. Currently used in Korean cellular phones as it is highly price competitive and may be made thinner

    Product List



    Chemistry Business


    Film Business

    Optical Film For display
    Reflector Film For display
    Release Film For display
    Barrier Film(PVdC) For packaging
    Shrinkable Film For packaging
    Twistable Film For packaging
    Color-tinted Film For industrial use
    Annealed Film For industrial use
    Silicone-coated Film For industrial use
    Protection Film For industrial use
    Super Clear Film For graphic devices
    Clear Film For graphic devices
    Non-clear Film For graphic devices
    Condenser For electric insulation
    Film for TTR For electric insulation
    Film for Insulation
    MLCC Coated Film For electric insulation
    PET film for PV (Material for Photovoltaic)
    PVdF (Material for Photovoltaic)
    EVA/POE Sheet (Material for Photovoltaic)
    BackSheet (Material for Photovoltaic)
    Coated Film for Windows
    High-Functioning Polymer Transparent PI
    IM Film for ITO (Coated)
    High-Functioning Polymer PVB
    Coated Film For IT & Industry
    Window Deco Coated Film
    UV Guide Film

    Electronic Material Business

    CMP Pad
    Soft Magnetic Materials