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Product Description

Trelleborg foam fenders absorb impacts whilst the skin resists wear and tear in an aggressive environment.
The Foam Fenders, Donuts and Buoys share a construction technology centred on a closed-cell polyethylene foam core and an outer skin of reinforced polyurethane elastomer. The closed cell foam structure makes punctures a thing of the past. Every cell is separate and so water cannot migrate into the foam. Even after many years active service, the foam core can be returned to the factory, re-skinned and made ready for a new lease of life.    

Skin and reinforcement are applied simultaneously – a method pioneered by and unique to Trelleborg. This system gives a final strength impossible to match with fabric layering methods. Skins are non-marking and available in many colours.

No matter how badly abused, Trelleborg Foam Fenders, Donuts and Buoys will not burst or explode. Damage is rare, but if the worst should happen there is the comfort that Trelleborg fenders and buoys will still function until repairs are possible. 


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