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Product Name Thermal Insulation - Vikotherm
Series Special Foam Buoy
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Product Description

Vikotherm subsea thermal insulation is a solid rubber-based coating that is practically incompressible, seawater resistant, impact resistant, has very good thermal insualtion properties and also provides maximum corrosion protection. It is designed to last the life of the subsea project (20 to 40 years), is maintenance free and will normally never be replaced.

The Vikotherm insulative elastomer coating system is a development based on ordinary rubber technology. The Vikotherm material consists of a rubber elastomer chemically modified to give a very high insulating property while maintaining its inherent rubber properties in respect of sea-water resistance, pressure resistance, mechanical properties and temperature.
The Vikotherm material has a thermal insulation conductivity value of 0.13 W/m °C and an elongation at break of >5%. Vikotherm maximum working temperature is approximately 140 °C and it can withstand an impact force of more than 15000 joules.

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