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  • Shinyang Technology

    Subsea Buoyancy - Transponder Floats
    Special Foam Buoy

    Product Description

    Our transponder floats (or flotation collars) consist of two identical half shells fastened together using four stainless steel bolts. The half shells are manufactured from Hisyn high performance, low density syntactic foam, encapsulated within a polyethylene shell with a nominal thickness of 6mm.

    The development of transponder flotation collars along with a new generation of advanced subsea equipment has been essential to the progress of oceanographic/seismic research. Our experience of complex deepwater buoyancy systems and its design and manufacturing infrastructure has resulted in many new and innovative products. These products facilitiate the collection of a substantial amount of data from just below the surface to full ocean depth.
    Many transponders are deployed onto the seabed via the use of clump weights. The flotation collar allows the transponder to "float" clear of obstacles on the seabed to maximise signal reception. Once released by acoustic signal, the float then allows the equipment to return to the surface for recovery by the vessel.


    Ref no./Depth Weight in Air (kg) Nett Buoyancy (kg)
    TFC1-1000 33 30
    TFC1-2000 38 25
    TFC1-3000 39 24
    TFC2-1000 45 41
    TFC2-2000 51 35
    TFC2-3000 52 34
    TFC3-1000 56 52
    TFC3-2000 63 45
    TFC3-3000 65 43

    Features :

    ㆍA tough, durable and reliable product capable of withstanding the most difficult of operating conditions to full ocean depth

    ㆍSyntactic foam materials can be supplied to operate at 7000msw and beyond

    ㆍWe produce standard collars to fit existing  vendor transmitters

    ㆍWe can also supply grommets to fit around slightly smaller transponders, allowing a wider use of existing collars

    Product List

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    Subsea Buoyancy - Transponder Floats
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    Observation System

    Microspheres - Multibeam Imaging Sonar
    Gemini 720is
    Microspheres - Correlation Velocity Log (CVL)-Tritech
    Microspheres - Tritech-Eclipse
    Microspheres - Link-Quest
    TrackLink 5000LC, TrackLink 5000MA, TrackLink 5000HA
    Microspheres - Tritech (4000m)
    Gemini 620pd
    Physical Oceanographic - Tritech-Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pan & Tilt Unit
    Microspheres - Tritech
    StarFish 452F
    Physical Oceanographic - ACABS-2
    Physical Oceanographic - LinkQuest
    FIowScout 600/2000
    Physical Oceanographic - LinkQuest
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    Chirp 3200
    Geological Oceanographic - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Chirp 3260
    Geological Oceanographic - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Meteorological Monitoring - FT TECH
    Geological Oceanographic - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Meteorological Monitoring - FT TECH
    Underwater Camera - Super SeaSpy-Tritech
    Meteorological Monitoring - FT TECH
    Color Zoom Camera (Typhoon)-Tritech
    Underwater Camera - Hydro-Cam-Hydro Group
    Low Light Monochrome Camera (Tornado)-Tritech
    Underwater Camera - Hydro-Lite 400-Hydro Group
    Tritech- Micron INS
    Hydraulic Power Unit
    Hydraulic Linear Winches
    Special Hydraulic Jacks
    Mooring Sheathed Cable Laying Grippers
    Microspheres - Tritehc
    Gemini 720i
    Geological Oceanographic - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Sounder 1620
    Microspheres - Tritech
    StarFish 990F

    Monitoring System

    Water Environment
    Water Environment
    Water Environment
    Water Environment - Cement Detection Surveys
    Ocean Monitoring
    Ocean Monitoring
    Ocean Monitoring
    Ocean Monitoring
    Ocean Monitoring - OceanFIND
    DigiCP Digital CP Probe
    C-switch Underwater Switch
    Water Environment
    Meteorological Monitoring
    Ocean Monitoring
    Ocean Monitoring - OceanSTROBE
    Meteorological Monitoring

    Energy Sector

    Leak Detection Surveys
    OceanSENSE - Cement Detection System
    Verticality Surveys
    OceanSENSE - Subsea and Pipeline Leak Detection

    Defense - Underwater Cable & Connector

    Polyethylene Moulding
    Custom Design Polyurethane Moulding
    Main Lift Tether Cables - Hydro Group
    Neutrally Buoyant Tether Cables - Hydro Group
    Aerostat Cables
    Lanyard Release Connectors
    HRS Electrical Connectors - Hydro Group
    Pressure Hull Gland
    Partial Discharge - Hydro Group
    Water Tight Bulkhead glands optical

    Defense - Harbors Defense

    Tritech-Multibeam Profiling Sonar
    Gemini 620pd
    Gemini 720i
    Highly versatile multibeam 3D sonar-Tritech- Eclipse
    Tritech- Super SeaPrince
    Tritech- Micron Sonar
    Anti-Terrorist Boat Barriers
    Tritech-Multibeam Imaging Sonar
    Gemini 720id
    Tritech- Super SeaKing
    Low Pressure Pneumatic Fenders
    Tritech- Super SeaKing DFP

    Defense - Special Foam Bouy

    Small Boat Fendering Systems
    Subsea Buoyancy

    Defense - Other Products

    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type Sandwich mountings large series
    Anti Vibration - Radar Absorbent Materials
    Fuel Logistics in Forward Areas - Onion Tanks
    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type Cushyfloat
    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type D series,Super D & DX mountings
    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type Cushymount™
    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type HT Cushyfloat™
    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type
    Anti Vibration - Metalastik® type D series, Super D & DX mountings
    Anti Vibration - Trelleborg Industrial AVS - Height Adjusters
    Anti Vibration - Lightweight Insulation
    Fuel Logistics in Forward Areas - Cuboid Tanks
    Fuel Logistics in Forward Areas - Flexible Tanks
    Fuel Logistics in Forward Areas - Pillow Tanks
    Dracone Barges
    Fuel Logistics in Forward Areas