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Product Name HRS Electrical Connectors - Hydro Group
Series Underwater Cable & Connector
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Product Description

Underwater Mateable Electrical Connector (Rubber Keyed)
HRS (Hydrobond Rubber Sealing) Connector    

 - Underwater Mateable                - Proven Shock Tested design
 - Depth rated to 2,440 MSW        - Fully open face pressure sealed
 - Metal Shell Construction             - Available in 5 shell sizes
 - Bulkhead Mount and Panel Mount Designs available as standard
 - Mounting O – Ring face seals and optional Barrel seals available as standard
 - Pin Densities from 1 to 70 ways
 - Voltage ratings up to 3,300 Volts RMS
 - Current ratings up to 750 Amps
 - Standard and Reverse gender configurations available
 - Available in 316 Stainless Steel as standard or Titanium, Aluminium Silicon Bronze, Nickel Aluminium Bronze etc on request
 - Non Magnetic versions available
 - 0.75 metre conductor tails on all bulkhead connectors as standard with other lengths on request
 - Optional Earth Bonding
 - Optional Cathodic delamination versions available
 - Termination options include fully water blocked, mechanical strain terminations and oil filled options
 - Moulding options include Polyurethane and Polyethylene
 - Acetal dust caps included on all connectors (additional lanyards on request) 

Application field

 - Cost effective diver mateable solution
 - Easy to use
 - Fast Delivery lead times
 - Wide variety of pin configurations allows cost effective system design
 - Standard and reverse gender configurations allow for safe system design
 - Wide variety of metal options allows for best corrosion resistant design
 - Extensive track record 

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