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Since the established in 1973 based on continuous technology development, our company has realized the localization of various industrial automatic manufacturing equipments required in every industrial field such as lamp manufacturing, CRT manufacuring, CCFL manufacturing, small-medium-large secondary battery manufacturing, Roll to Roll Sputter manufacturing, LED equipment, etc, greatly contributed to the development of Korean industry, provided its products and services to 17 domestic and overseas countries, and got the credit for technology.

In the vortex of environmental changes over the last 37 years, through continuous renewal and constant research development, we achieved to the present Shinjin Mtec CO., Ltd., entered ITO film for touch screen and functional coating film material industry by starting a new growth industry in Korea from 2008, and now we are concentrating our all capacities for human resource development and R&D under the business philosophy of "Respect for Humanity and Technology First."
Not dwelling on the past success, our all employees with the best effort promise to provide high quality, low price and no defect products to satisfy customers, and we will advance to become a respectful compnay with faith and trust. We ask for your support.

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