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Product Name Rack Conveyor Type
Series Dish Washer
Catalog SJM-R2S.pdf SJM-R2G.pdf SJM-R2S.pdf SJM-R2G.pdf
Product Description

Rack conveyer type Series

An European model that could wash at once a large amount of dishes in a small space, is the most popular and representative model of SJM in the overseas market, as widely praised and used in such entities as hospitals, hotels, public offices, or businesses.

Having considered the users' convenience, the balance of the weight of 'one-touch' control panel door and the spring tensile strength is perfected to maintain clean washing water. The filter of the 1st washing tank and of the 2nd suction filter, keep washing water clean. The use dosage reduction effect of hot water, detergent, and conditioner is superb since washing water and rinsing water is operated only when rack is passed through.

SHINJIN MASTER Rack Conveyor Type